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MixComm Honored by 2021 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards

MixComm receives gold-level recognition for its RFSOI mmWave beamformers for 5G and satellite communications


MixComm, the mmWave Antennas to Algorithms™ pioneer, announced today that its RFSOI beamforming technology was recognized among the best by the 2021 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community recognized MixComm as a gold honoree.

The gold award level recognizes an excellent innovation, the benefits of which are clear. A gold-level innovators award recipient makes a substantial improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products/systems used.

“RFSOI and mmWave are incredibly important for defense and aerospace applications and we are at the very beginning of broad and exciting adoption.” – Mike Noonen, CEO of MixComm

“On behalf of the Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards, I would like to congratulate MixComm on their gold–level honoree status,” said Military & Aerospace Electronics Editor in Chief John Keller. “This competitive program allows Military & Aerospace Electronics to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products impacting the aerospace and defense community this year.”

MixComm’s RFSOI semiconductor technology is a revolutionary development in the semiconductor space and has critical implications for the increased use of mmWave for 5G and satellite communications. RFSOI based mmWave phased array systems solve mmWave challenges especially when compared to existing Bulk CMOS or Silicon Germanium (SiGe) solutions. MixComm’s use of RFSOI process technology has three key advantages:
1. Transistors, substrate and back end for improved RF performance
2. SOI NFET has lower parasitics than bulk CMOS, enabling higher performance (45RFSOI achieves ~40% higher fMax than bulk CMOS)
3. Stacked RFSOI transistors enable 10x higher output and 2-5x higher efficiency

“This award is particularly meaningful to us, since our RFSOI-based power amplifier and beamforming technology originated from several DARPA programs that ran over the last decade,” said Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy, MixComm’s CTO and Co-Founder. “We look forward to continue bringing innovative products to market that benefit the defense and commercial ecosystems alike.”

“MixComm is incredibly proud of this award and recognition of the leadership and impact of our RFSOI mmWave solutions,” said Mike Noonen, CEO of MixComm. “RFSOI and mmWave are incredibly important for defense and aerospace applications and we are at the very beginning of broad and exciting adoption.”

This recognition comes on the heels of several award wins for MixComm, most recently it was named on EE Times’ Silicon 100 “Start-Ups to Watch” list for 2021. MixComm is also the first mmWave company selected to join the 5G Open Innovation Lab and was selected as the 2020 Broadband Innovation of the Year by the Mobile Breakthrough Awards.

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About MixComm Inc.
MixComm, based in Chatham, N.J., is the leading mmWave Antennas to Algorithms™ company developing transformative solutions for emerging wireless applications and markets. In 2020, MixComm introduced its first of a portfolio of millimeter wave products that deliver revolutionary levels of performance and integration for 5G infrastructure and Satellite Communication. The company’s technology is based on breakthroughs from Dr. Krishnaswamy’s CoSMIC lab at Columbia University and is funded by Kairos Ventures. For more information, visit

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