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Taoglas® KHA16.24C Smart Antenna Subsystem Featuring MixComm Summit2629™ 28GHz Front End Device

  • 16-element phased array in a 4×4 configuration utilizing 4 Mixcomm Summit beamformer RFICs
  • Dual linear polarization
  • 26.5 to 29.5 GHz frequency range
  • Beam scanning along both azimuth and elevation axes
  • Connectors for power, digital control, RF input/output
  • SPI control and command line interface is provided for beam control
  • Power requirements: 6 to 10V
  • 2.8A current consumption for full array with both polarizations at saturated power
  • 6-bit resolution phase shifters
  • The 4×4 array configuration can be used as a “building block” to scale into higher gain array geometries
Taoglas® KHA16.23C Smart Antenna Subsystem Featuring MixComm Summit2629TM 28GHz Front End Device
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